Wednesday, 10th June 2009
Life's a bish... Then you sleep it off!

A whole load of gobledygoop! Luckily not in the physical state.

OK, so this is a real test to find out how much text the content of each tab can take. The real problem of finding this out is because each text has a particular width. Using the capital 'W' withing this would've been the best way since it is the widest letter in the alphabet but the text requires spaces for the text to wrap in a box... Bugger.

So until I find a better solution to a good amount of text within this box I'll have to fill it out with random text that would fill the box. I'm doing this as we speak so if you're reading this thinking there is some relevance to this then you're sadly mistaken....

Monday, 7th June 2009
Wake, eat, drink, sleep, rince and repeat. Keep it going till we reach a limit. Cmon, we still have a little space.

This is the first test on day 3.

This is the second test.on day 3

This is the third teston day 3.


Day 2: The Calling

This is the first test on day 2.

This is the second test on day 2.

This is the third test on day 2.


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